About me


Kees den Heijer is a data and information specialist.

Kees completed his MSc (2005) and PhD (2013) at Delft University of Technology in the field of coastal engineering, on the topic of the safety of coastal dunes against flooding. During and after his PhD research, he had a position at Deltares, an applied research institute in the field of water and subsurface, where he developed in the field data and information management and data science.

Kees worked from medio 2017 until medio 2021 as Data Steward at the faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences of TU Delft. Early 2019, he left Deltares and started with Data2day to offer data consultancy services. In spring 2021 he moved within TU Delft to the development team of Research Data Services of the Library. He started there as senior developer and became team lead later on.

About Data2day:

Kees den Heijer started early 2019 as an independent consultant under the name Data2day to offer data consultancy services. Data is an increasingly important asset of organisations. Often there is room for further utilisation of that asset by organising it in a suitable way and turning it into meaningful information. Also in many cases the value can be increased by optimising the data ingestion process. This can for instance be done by reducing manual actions or by implementing dedicated validation to minimize the erroneous data. Data2day aims at exploration and advise on further utilisation of data and improving efficiency and reliability of workflows for our clients.

Our Philosophy:

Our philosophy is to provide advise and viable solutions for the organisation and context of the client at hand. A proposed solution can only be successful if it can be embedded in the clients' organisation and can be carried on at a certain point without involvement of Data2day. Good data management goes much further than a theoretically optimised technical system or workflow. The dialog with the client, and in particular the people that have to deal with the system, is therefore the key.


Depending on your needs as a client we are flexible to offer a suitable solution. You can hire Data2day either directly or via an intermediary and on hourly basis or lump sum.